Mastihari Village

Mastihari located 22 kilometers west of the city of Kos and just  4 Km from the international airport IPPOCRATES.

The small port is the sea link with Kalymnos north of Kos .
The village is very well connected with the other places of the island and specially with Kos town and the airport.



Mastihari Village

Mastihari the last years is became the favor place  of many  guests who are looking for   peace,  tranquility, safety  and a very  good quality of food at  popular fish taverns, which are just 20-30 meters from the sea .The visitor can easily discover the family character of the place from the first walk between the small pedestrian roads of the center.


Swimming  in the clear water of the sea ,  sunbathing  on the white sandy beach is also  the main reason for which Mastihari is indicated.
A lots of fun with water sports (wind serf – kite-serf ) in a very well organized beach.  
The fans of surfing will enjoy the sport beacause of the waves formed off, while those who have  not experience in these sports and want to try they will find  a relevant school learning station . Being on the beach   Guests can enjoy the most   beautiful island sunset.


The ruins of an early Christian  basilica with its beautiful mosaic floor a short distance from the sea is one of the most famous  basilica  church on the island.